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Tips for making your money go further while in Australia

December 20, 2022

Sven's tips for making your money go further while in Australia

To help you keep your dream trip affordable, here are a few thrifty ways to stretch your travel dollar further in Australia. You don't need to worry about missing out on all those parties at home just because you were saving for Australia!

1. Pack lightly

We recommend leaving home with at most 15kg in your backpack. Then, you will have more room for that new wardrobe you buy when you stop over in South East Asia, and you will avoid those pesky extra baggage fees. But, of course, chances are you will live in your swimmers and flip-flops anyway!

2. Find a travel buddy (or several!)

This will allow you to share the cost of things like taxis and cooking and save you loads in general.

3. Don't drink every day (or at least try not to!)

Good for your wallet and for your liver! We promise this will be harder than it sounds when everyday's the weekend!

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4. Go to the grocery store.

Learn how to cook a few cheap meals and hit up the local supermarkets as you travel rather than eating out every night. Woolworths, Coles and Aldi are the three main supermarkets. Beware of the $5 meals at backpacker bars; you will usually come away spending way more than you intended on beer while you wait for your meal!

5. Get tips from the locals.

Locals are the best source of information and are a great way to find out about those secret locations not featured in the tourist guides for a great free day out.

6. Visit the liquor store.

Most hostels have great communal areas, so it is cheaper to grab some beers from the liquor store and get social at the hostel rather than paying top dollar in the pubs. If you can't bear to stay home and party, do what the Aussies do and 'pre-drink' before you go out, so you aren't as tempted to buy as many drinks.

7. Make the most of overnight buses and trains.

Whilst not the most comfortable sleep, invest in an inflatable pillow and choose the overnight options when possible to save you a few nights' accommodation.

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