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How to apply for your Australian Working Holiday Visa

December 7, 2022

Sven's guide to applying for your Australian Working Holiday Visa

Unless you are a citizen, you must apply for a Visa to work and travel in Australia. Two types (or "subclasses") of Working Holiday Visas exist. Subclasses 417 and 462 allow travellers aged 18-35 years to stay in Australia for up to 12 months and work while they are here. Which Visa subclass you qualify for is based on your country of residence. It is essential to consider that not everyone can apply for a working holiday visa; only those with valid Passports from the listed countries will be considered.

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You can find the complete list of valid passports here for Subclass 417 visas and here for Subclass 462 visas. 

What You Need For Your Visa Application:

  • Evidence you can support yourself financially while in Australia (minimum AUD$5000) 
  • Supporting Documents: Passport, Birth certificate and evidence of name changes if relevant, proof of education and the English language (subclass 462 only) and lastly, government support letter (subclass 462 only)
  • Health Check (medical examination including chest X-ray, HIV test, Hepatitis B and C tests, Syphilis and Tuberculosis tests)
  • Police check certificate 

How to apply:

Applying for your working holiday visa can be done yourself online. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the Department of Home Affairs website to confirm your eligibility and apply for your visa. This is the fastest and cheapest option to use. 

To begin your application process for Subclass 417, head here, and here for Subclass 462 visas.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to have a professional assist you through the visa application process, there are plenty of different agencies that you can use that will help you secure your visa. We recommend getting help from an agency if you aren't fluent in English.

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